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Journey Through Conflict  Visit their website:  http://www.journeythroughconflict.org

Further info – info@journeythroughconflict.org
Appearing in Festivals, churches and cathedrals throughout the UK. Through immersive performances we inspire journeys to a better life fusing art, story, music and culture. Founded by Maj-Gen (rtd) Andy Salmon CMG OBE.





Searchlight Theatre Company 
Visit their website:  http://searchlighttheatre.org

Theatre, poetry and music combine to bring incredible lives and faith to the stage.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival favourites.





Saltmine Theatre Company
  Visit their website: https://saltminetrust.org.uk/

Throughout history, nation and culture storytelling has been at the core of humanity.

Theatre allows us to powerfully tell stories. We aim to reach all ages, teach people about real life issues and inspire faith, hope and love.



4Front Theatre Visit their website http://4front-theatre.com
A Christian Theatre Company creating productions that put faith at the ‘4Front’.
We work in 4 areas: Primary Schools, Churches, Prisons and Theatres.
We offer productions, sketches and workshops.




Oddments Theatre Company Visit their website: http://oddments-theatre.co.uk
Taking drama to churches, prisons ……
Oddments is a full-time Christian Theatre Company, whose aim is to produce quality drama,
which is both entertaining to watch and thought-provoking.




Jacob’s Well Productions  Visit their website https://jacobswell.company/

Jacob’s Well is a Christian theatre company based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire with a desire to produce
high quality and thought-provoking musicals.  They do regular musical shows at the Playhouse and concerts at other times of the year.  They also run workshops.
They are always looking for talented singers, actors and dancers for their shows.
If you are interested in joining the company, please use the Contact Us page on their website.





Riverside Performing Arts  Visit their website: http://www.riverside-performingarts.org.uk/                   

Riverside Performing Arts is a Theatre Company passionate about using the performing arts to inspire, engage, equip
and share faith to the communities in which they work.
Discover innovative drama and workshop packages for performances, assemblies and  lessons from early years
to young adults and accessible for special educational needs.


Riding Lights Theatre Company  Visit their website: https://ridinglights.org/
Riding Lights take innovative, accessible theatre into all kinds of communities far and wide.
They create unforgettable, entertaining theatre in response to current issues and the hopes and fears of the world we share.
While the company’s roots are in a Christian ethos, our work is open to everyone, using faith as a springboard to explore all aspects of life.
They offer both schools and public performances and workshops.