LIVING ROOM FEST! Stream for Adults: 12yrs+ Youth & Beautifully Mature

Grab a Seat on your SOFA for LIVING ROOM FEST!

Adult’s section introduced by Chris Sandys, local radio presenter and producer

Adult’s YouTube Stream: LIVING ROOM FEST!


14:00   Introduction
14:00   Bishop Rachel – Introduction
14:01    London Community Gospel Choir
14:11     Dai Woolridge – Spoken Word
14:18    4Front Theatre
14:49    Louis Parsons  – Art
14:52    Andy Kind  – Comedy
15:00    Out of the Ashes – Music
15:27    Marcel’s Story, Saltmine Theatre Co – Testimony
15:34    Ian Knowles – Iconography
15:37    Simeon Wood – Music
16:04    Paul Kerensa – Comedy
16:23    Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir
16:29    Cath Woolridge – Worship
16:51    Andy and Evie – Music
17:12    Andy Kind  – Talk
17:18    Dr Matt Prichard – Science Magic
17:39    Folk On – Music
17:54    Carole Bury – Art
18:07    London Community Gospel Choir
18:16    Jonathan Veira – Music and Chat
18:31    Tom Donald – Music
18:40    Louis Parsons – Art
18:44    Bean Baker – Music
19:07    John Swan – Comedy
19:21    Bethany Goodman – Music and Chat
19:31    Robin Beamish – Music
19:40    Kirsty and Chantelle – Storyteller and Music
20:01    Thank Yous
20:04   David Ogden and the Choir of Holy Trinity
20:10    Thank Yous

Like so many other event organisers, we’re having to postpone our Festival of Stars, Whaddon, in June.
Exciting that like so many others we are having to re-imagine how we do things during isolation due to COVID 19.
So we’re delighted to offer an online celebration, LIVING ROOM FEST!


We want to pour hope, joy and fun into people’s homes and there will be beautiful moments of calm and stillness.

Many musicians, performers and theatre groups, facing uncertain times ahead with cancelled concerts and performances, have relished this opportunity to be part of a virtual festival.  If you would like to donate to a fund to support them, contact

Plenty of smiles on offer with music, comedy, drama, storytelling etc. Much to enjoy from international stars London Community Gospel Choir, Johnathan Veira, Paul Kerensa BBC comedian, Bean Baker, 4Front Theatre, demos by visual artists and tons more ….



Location: Your LIVING ROOM Date: May 2, 2020 Time: 2:00 pm - 8:30 pm LIVING ROOM FEST! Adults 12+, Youth, Beautifully Mature