Cheltenham Town Hall Line-up and Tickets

Thank you for Our GOSPEL 2023 logo from a collage by Sophie Witham.

A Feast of Trumpets, Harp and Lyre announce

Our next full-blown Festival is GOSPEL 2023  with Art and Gospel Song-Writing Competitions, Literature Day @ Pip & Jim’s (22 April), GOSPEL at Cheltenham Town Hall (23 April) featuring EAGA Gospel Choir, Winners of the BBC Songs of Praise Gospel Choir 2023, Art Exhibition – Competition winners of ‘New Life’ Art Competition, Becoming Places of Peace in the World – An introduction to Christian meditation: School of Contemplative Life, Dante’s Divine Comedy Talk, workshops in Singing, Mixed Media Art Journaling and Spoken word  and a new Drama: The Liberator by Saltmine Theatre.

For more details on each individual event at Cheltenham Town Hall, go to the Schedule.




Ticket Source by phone: 0333 666 3366
Ticket Source: in-house box office is open Monday to Friday, 9.00AM to 7:00PM. If you call outside of this time, you can leave a message on their answerphone system, and they will return your call.
In person: The Wilson Art Gallery and Museum, 51 Clarence St., Cheltenham GL50 3JT or
Leisure at Cheltenham, Tommy Taylors Lane, Cheltenham GL50 4RN


What GOSPEL means to Our Patron the Trustees & Festival Organisers:

For me, ‘GOSPEL’ reflects the Good News revealed in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who came to earth in human form and was seen as teacher, story-teller, healer, miracle-maker, Kingdom-bringer. In his tortuous death and amazing resurrection he revealed God’s love and life as even stronger than death itself. Amid the pain and joy of daily life, the darkness will never have the final word and we are invited to discover life in all its fulness.

This festival is the opportunity for you to explore fresh perspectives and questions, and be open to unexpected discovery. Through the lens of ‘GOSPEL’ inspired music, visual arts, literature or drama, shared through extraordinary creative gifts, you can enter into the mystery for yourself.

Jesus once spoke of a tiny seed growing into an enormous tree whose branches became a place of hospitality and welcome for many different birds. May this festival plant seeds and spread branches; and may diverse people of all ages with different stories, discover a place of hospitality and welcome, rooted in Jesus Christ as the adventure with God continues through the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Rt Revd Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester – Patron

What GOSPEL means to the Trustees & Festival Organisers:

Glad tidings.
Messages of joy.
Soulful music with spiritual lyrics.
The sound of shackles being shattered and chains broken.
The roar of people liberated from captivity and slavery.
Truth – about God’s perfect love expressed in Jesus – “God with us”.
Truth – about the human condition; an acknowledgement of a fallen world … evil, sin, greed, injustice, hatred, etc.
Gospel is the antithesis of fake news, sensational headlines, celebrity and ego.
Gospel is the Good News about true relationships restored human-to-human; human-to-God; God-to-human; God-to-God (within the Holy Trinity).
Gospel is a song of Shalom – about justice and peace, and healing and wholeness for the whole world.
Rupert Kaye, Chair

God’s love revealed through the words and wonders of Jesus Christ, the best books ever written about the kingdom of God unparalleled in potential for goodness, light and power ….. transforming, restoring, healing with hope, purpose and new life.
Nikki Seville, Project Leader & Founder Trustee

It means God’s plan to save this world – the security of knowing that I may only be one drop of water, but by aligning myself to God’s plans, my actions will count together with all the other drops towards becoming a powerful ocean.
Myn Cotterill, Trustee & Treasurer

I have been bought by Jesus’s death and resurrection and been given his new living insight, of an exciting spiritual dimension, to help bring freedom and love to the earth.
Debs Harrison, Trustee

Gospel, for me, is the sharing of joy in all things as part of a community who have encountered the risen Lord Jesus.
Georgina Jardin, Founder Trustees

God with us.  Relationship Itself.  Nowhere because Everywhere.
Beck Donaldson, Founder Trustee

Restart, Renew, Rediscover
The Deeper Truth – unlocking potential
Songs from the soul
Bean Baker, Trustee

To me the word Gospel means story – it evokes thoughts of the narrative, a story of
purposeful journeying, God’s story intricately woven into my story. The word also resonates
a sense of celebration –
when I think of the term Gospel Music, I think of soulful sounds that are full of expression, adoration and joy.
Niki Kent, Trustee

Art Children Christianity Creativity Drama Faith Literature Music Poetry Talk Workshop
Location: Cheltenham Town Hall Date: April 23, 2023 Time: 9:30 am - 10:00 pm GOSPEL23