EDEN, Restoring Paradise 2021

With Festival of Stars, Whaddon

WHERE Cheltenham Chletenham

Future Festival Plans

We remain prayerful and hopeful ....... like all Festivals, we're re-imagining how to do things next year. Our big 2021 Festival EDEN, may now be split into two smaller parts with the second being held in 2022.Β  So much to look forward to ...... Festival of Stars, Whaddon, our Inspire Sessions, 'Planet of the Plants' our new musical, a Live Arts Trail in parks, arcades and the Promenade ..... and many more uplifting and super fun ideas once we're sure of everyone's safety .... Our Full Schedule below ....

Super Summer Fun! 'Home is Where the Heart Is; Why not make Willow Lantern Houses or a giant Teepee for your garden ..... decorate with your own paintings! See boxes below.

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