Christian Arts Festival

Fantastic Encounters Festival 2019

FROM 23 April, 2019
WHERE Cheltenham Chletenham

ENCOUNTERS - our EXCITING, VIBRANT, THOUGHT-PROVOKING FESTIVAL took place over 3 weeks in April-May 2019

Coming next! Festival of Stars Saturday 13 June 2020 in Whaddon, Cheltenham. To get a flavour of the big biennial festival, download a festival brochure at the footer of this page. Encounters 2019 held 87 events in 44 venues across Cheltenham and Gloucester. Check out the Previous Festivals page for a review. Check out article on Diocese of Gloucester website

Do you want to be a team member and help make it happen in years to come. Why not join our Organising/Creative Team? Go to the CONTACT page. Or do join us on Tuesday 24 September at 7.30pm for our Reflections and Moving Forward meeting in the Music Room at Christ Church. Go to schedule page for more details.

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