Visual Artists

Ian Knowles, M.A.Oxon, Dip.Past.Theol.  Iconographer & Artist
Liturgical Arts Consultant, Founder of the Bethlehem Icon School
Icon Commissions
beautiful icons for you, your church and your community.
Icon Painting Courses.
Video Techniques and Talks.
Louis Parsons   Visit:

Louis Parsons uses the power of art to inspire people and organisations to co-create a world of deeper harmony and success.
For many years, he has been on an inspired quest to understand the human spirit and how we express the soul in daily life. This journey has taken him around the globe, consulting with leading world experts in psychology and personal development, all of which have greatly enriched Parsons’ understanding of the human soul.

“Astonishing abstract paintings that sing the infinite songs of Spirit manifesting on the radiant cusp of form and formlessness. The painting technique is sophisticated, replete with complex weaves of staining the canvas, thin washes, thicker brushwork, and impassioned impasto, such that the worked materials are a symphony in their own right.” Michael Schwarz – Integral Art Gallery

Louis has collections of his artwork to exhibit, he also leads courses and workshops in Soulscaping.  Recently available online,





Paul Hobbs  Christian Artist  Visit:

Paul makes both celebratory abstract paintings and painting and sculpture that
consider contemporary social issues in the light of biblical values.  He frequently
gives workshops and talks about his artwork, its themes and his methods of working.

Paul has curated many exhibition in Cathedrals, Churches and Schools across the country.






Tim Martin  Visit:
Workshops – Graffiti, Street Art (Stencils) , Town and Cityscape / Isometric drawing classes , ‘Character Building’
i.e create characters from tracing multiple body parts and facial features, Fun drawing activities for younger children along any theme.   Customises a workshop for that specific occasion!  Doesn’t profess to being a Christian although his wife is.  Wonderful teenager encourager and inspiration.  4 highly successful workshops for young people for the Christian Arts Festival.


Mike Tucker 

I have had exhibitions in England during the past thirty years, and my work is in the homes
of many people both here and abroad.

My paintings are either in oil or acrylic on canvas and fall into the categories of abstract landscapes
and of metaphorical reflections on current cultural and ethical issues.

A member of the Inside-Out Group of Artists who show together in exhibitions and talk about
LIFE through FAITH and ART.




Phil Summers   


Workshops in abstract art, and storytelling.

Another member of the Inside-Out Group of Artists.

Phil enjoys finding the hidden and ignored in the world around him.  His paintings celebrate the wonder of the ordinary and the beauty in brokenness.

He is also an ordained Methodist minister (with 4 churches in Gloucestershire) and actor.




Liz Robertson  Textile Artist  Visit her website

Working full-time as an artist, Liz teaches in her studio, produces artwork and runs ‘faith-art’
events nationally and locally.

She trained as a teacher and has 40 years teaching experience with children and adults.

Her artwork is inspired by her faith and love of natural landscapes.
She produces work hoping to bless and challenge.  Her work has been in the BBC Countryfile magazine
and exhibited in galleries and Gloucester Cathedral.  She is available for textile workshops.




John Bateson 
Christian Artist  Visit:

John lived most of his adult life in Brixton in south east London. The brightness, bustle and colour of the
immediate locality forms a back drop to a number of his paintings and prints  

He works in a variety of media: gouache, water colour and pastel and linocut print making.
“I see painting and printing as a form of exploration; you may have an idea where you are heading but you never quite know where you are going to end up. This is what makes the whole process so exciting.”
He leads art workshops, his experience of doing this has been with people with special needs, but these could be adapted.

Image: The Nativity with Musician and Angel




Carole Bury  Christian Artist  Visit:
uses paper, paint, stitch and drawings.
Her work reveals a fascination for repetition and multiples, where each piece answers and
asks of the previous, and similarly a link to the intended.  Her work is derived of the beauty
in nature and examines this wonderment. Carole’s drawings and stitched pieces are tools
illuminating a link or a nudge to a journey with God.

Following a degree in Fine Art Embroidery at Manchester Polytechnic, Carole has exhibited for
many years, both her drawings and Paper Textiles.  She has leads workshops.




Janina Aza Karpinska  Visit: 

Christian Artist-Poet – uses writing; collage; textiles;
making little books; altering/treating pages; vision boards; writing songs; and anything else going!
Having experienced for herself how therapeutic and transformative creative arts can be,
Janina has a passion for creating workshops that encourage and facilitate others to discover
their own expression, in the form that benefits them most
(even those convinced they’re not creative in any way).

 Her poetry and artwork have appeared in: Poems in the Waiting Room; Warning: May Contain Nuts;
The Third Way;
Humankind Journal, and many others.




Rebekah Bircher
  Textile Artist
Contact:       /

I will also bring flyers to the store for your staff, friends and families.


Rebekah has studied textiles and theology.
She exhibits with the Inside-Group and has shown her work in galleries, shop and at art events in Gloucester and elsewhere.

She can lead workshops and do talks on Life through Faith and Art.






Niki Hare   Visit:

Niki Hare is a diverse visual artist whose work revolves around ideas of existence and vision.

 The work dissects and explores the world she has suddenly found herself in. There is a focus on detailing and observation. “The world is paused, broken down into layers, shuffled, pushed back together and sent on its way. Nothing is static, there is a sense of the temporary, imbalance, discomfort.”

Niki has been an artist for Graffiti Wall Workshops for the Christian Arts Festial



Kristine Raw
Tel: 01453 452276     Email:
I am a contemporary textile artist, a patch-worker, embroiderer and quilter who ‘paints’ with fabric and thread.
I work intuitively with materials and put many hours into cutting individually chosen and hand-dyed cottons, velvets and silks.
In many pieces I add calligraphy, paint, beads and other small and found objects.  

I am often inspired by worship, scripture and prayer and use this to visually express the wonderful themes of the gospel.
I firmly believe that visual art can impact your spirit and that it is a way of ‘seeing’ and understanding God.
In manning my exhibitions I have had many opportunities to explain the gospel through the imagery and seen hearts touched.
I see it as sowing seeds in peoples’ minds
and gently challenging their perceptions about God.

Although I often put up solo exhibitions, I am also the founder of the ‘Images of the Invisible’ collective, a national group of artistswho all seek to portray the nature of God in the visual arts.  This group have had exhibitions in St. Albans Cathedral, Malmesbury Abbey and Cheltenham Christian Arts Festival.  This includes approximately 25 pieces of artwork.


Sue Trickey  Christian Artist  Visit:

Sue has a one man show of 10 artworks on the theme: “A Journey through Grief.”  explanations of each piece and their meaning to Sue

and opportunities for the public to interact and respond with the art.

 Sue also run some small workshops creating simple wire and bead angels, stars, hearts or dragonflies.





Jenny McLauglin  Christian Artist  Visit:

BA Scientific and Natural History Illustration, MA Children’s Book Illustration
Children’s book : ‘Mayfly’ published on
Viking paintings  featured in the literature of  Dr.Steve Harding BA, MA, DSc (Oxon) Nottingham University.

Jenny has been featured as a Faith Artist on the BBC One Show.







C3 Artists: Angie Walsh, Ellie Thomas and Maria Guppy.


Work by these church family artists for exhibitions.

Angie runs mixed media workshops.
Attendees create a unique and personal mixed media canvas as an encouragement and reminder to our hearts of who we truly are ‘in Christ.’




Maria van-Tintelen 
Christian Artist  Visit:

Maria: “I’ve discovered God is passionate through creation in what He created for us to enjoy and through us in what we create with Him.”

Maria has work for an exhibition and runs workshop – introduces others to explore creativity with God.




Mo Enright 
Christian Artist  Visit:

BA(Hons) in Fine Art, MA History of Art & Design, Mo is now a full-time professional artist working from Art-E Studio in Warwickshire. Mo’s work is primarily oil on canvas however, the location and the environment of a particular commission may demand the use of other materials. In Mo’s work the environment, time and childhood memories are inextricably woven together creating extremely thought provoking work.



Shiloha Levi

Instagram: levishiloha

Shiloha has an exhibition of oil paintings based on Encountering God through the Covenants.
‘God’s covenants were a bloody business right throughout the Old Testament and through to the covenant ratified by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Encounters, Christian Arts Festival 2019 – exhibited at St. Peter’s Church, Winchcombe

Second Prize Winner: ‘Encounters’  Christian Arts Festival Art Competition 2019





Mike Tucker  Christian Artist  Visit:  .

I am part of a group: Inside-Out: six Christian artists – two stone carvers, two textile artists and two painters. My recent paintings nearly all stem from topical subjects from which the facets of the Christian gospel and ethics emerge. This is a way I believe in which the presence of God and of Jesus Christ can be sensed in the happenings of the present-day world.






Deborah Harrison Christian Sculptor  Visit:

Her stone carving uses a technique called ‘Carving Direct’ which was used by Henry Moore and Michaelangelo. As Deborah carves she ‘reaches a skin’ after which she describes the sculpture taking on a life of its own.

She has been interviewed on Radio Gloucestershire about a series of Portland Carvings called, ‘The Testimony of The Dispossessed’ which highlights issues such as sex trafficking, depression, body image, addiction and the oppression of the poor.

Deborah enjoys working collaboratively with organisations to raise access to the arts in the community.  She has exhibited widely both nationally and locally in Gloucestershire; including Gloucester Cathedral (Christian Arts Festival), Sloane Square, the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery on Pall Mall in London.  Member of Inside-Out.

She run workshops – sculpting in stone.


Royse Murphy  Christian Stone Carver

Royse exhibits his work, does demonstrations at events and is a member of Inside Out.

A familiar face at St. Mary’s Church.  He comes with his tools, his bench and the truly beautiful slate tiles he is working on. He is carving a series of fourteen Stations of the Cross and mounting the polished and gilded slate on blocks of beechwood with bronze resin inlay Haikus.  He uses his hammer and chisel while quietly talked about how the traditional meditational forms relate to current concerns. His own Christian convictions prove a stimulating basis for discussion with visitors of all ages and persuasions.




Eloise Hopkins  visual artist and author  Visit:

“As an artist I make use of mixed media techniques to explore memory, faith and female energy, with a particular interest in the concept of ‘the Long Now’. I use strong lines alongside the suggested and unseen, making use of shadow and silhouette.  I am fascinated by the concept of really ‘seeing’ something. It’s a privilege that few of us allow ourselves. I am drawn to art that shows beauty (in the ordinary and mundane), and that which tells stories.  I’ve recently published a book called ‘The God Who Gave You Birth’ illustrating the female imagery for God found in the Bible and church history.”






Gill Wren

Tel no.: 01242 699644  Mobile: 07851873116

My career started at the drawing board as a tracer/draughtsperson which allowed me to use my artistic flair.I love painting and I co-lead St Mark Art Group with Jean Townsend.  My preferred medium is acrylics and my paintings are of a variety of subjects but I mainly focus on the beauty of God’s creation.

Some of the places I have exhibited are ‘Art in the Park’ Cheltenham and at ‘New Wine’ I’m also involved with the women’s craft group at St Andrews Churchdown (often leading a craft activity) as well as doing the occasional craft fair.  Craft Workshops.


Luba Arnold Larnie   Visit:

Luba draws inspiration from her travels. When not painting on location, she works from her notes, sketches and photographs. She is particularly attracted by morning and evening daylight and her sensory perception transforms scenes into vibrant Kaleidoscopic impressionistic artwork.

Her paintings are not always portraits of particular places, more an attempt to distill a memory of a space, with its light and atmosphere therefore leaving them open to other interpretations and perceptions.

Winner of a recent award in the Gloucester Open Art Competition, Larnie’s work has regularly appeared in a number of exhibitions in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Torquay and St. Ives in Cornwall.
Luba can exhibit her paintings in exhibitions.


Jennie Burge 
 Christian Artist

I’m a Christian mixed media artist. I predominantly do landscapes, near and far, such as a seascape or other view but also in detail such as a tree, flower or seed. I often use found treasures and much like a womble I re-purpose things others might discard within my artwork. My faith inspires my creations; finding endless inspiration in the amazing world God has created and man’s additions, also from God’s word. I love to dabble in numerous techniques, methods and mediums. Pushing them to see how far I can stretch and extend their use, trying to break the rules I’ve been taught and shown. My friends and family will tell you I’ve always had a slightly rebellious nature. I use everything from oils to inks, organic treasures to man made, painting to drawing and even stitching.

I can provide paintings for an exhibition.